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About us

Enlight Associates is a Leading Power Electronics/infrastructure distributor in Trivandrum. We are the authorised distributors of most of leading LED manufactures, Solar products, Garden lights, Electrical Accessories. We work with leading vendors from India, to sell and distribute their products through our strong network of dealers in Trivandrum.

Enlights regional coverage, extensive customer base and our value added services made Enlight as the preferred brand for most of the vendors in this region. We are one of the fastest growing distributor in this region.

Our Vision

Creating Values, thourgh enlightening solutions.

Our Mission

To become a indispensable business partner of choice, for our vendors, our dealers and our end customers.

For our vendors - gain immeidate access to a strong market, gain more demand for their product and services and to do smooth delivery of their products on time.

For the dealers- to provide infromation about new technology and products, products tranings, help to increase their profitability and to improve customer satisfation.

For end users- provide them with new and innovative solutions, that can able to improve the quality of their life and to can able to improve the total cost ownership.